15 Tips for Starting Your Successful Photography Business


http://bit.ly/bheventspace http://www.jeffcable.com/ Jeff Cable is one of our most popular speakers here at B&H Event Space and he is coming back to share hi…

25 Responses to 15 Tips for Starting Your Successful Photography Business

  1. Leonid Alexander says:

    Jeff, thank you for this informative and detailed video. Thanks for sharing
    decades of knowledge. I have seen some insensitive and inappropriate
    comments; please ignore them.

  2. ken scheper says:

    Thanks for the info Jeff. I found this very informative and helpful.

  3. Greg S says:

    Why the AARP poster?! Not interested in your socialist views. later!

  4. Mark Dawson says:

    16:59 photo wonky?

  5. Stephen Gatley says:

    B&H have been an inspirational godsend for me, but i find this guy to be
    void of creativity although beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  6. John Smith says:

    I’m not here for Art&Passion but for business, sorry for negative comment.
    Comparing to artistic genre really makes it brittle so thats why even
    profession photograph does not make money.

    I’m a student and wanting to know about real world industry. I want
    evidence of workflow of how are you’re managing it and maintain client and
    business figures. —Everybody can take snap shots from their camera, yes
    but whats the valid to exclude from that, as being “professional”. Give
    some passion of what we could achieve more than regular a casual hiring job
    as for those who wants to go far.

    It is a business so it has to be in business otherwise your work and effort
    will always be undervalue by opinions regardless. People always want the
    best value for themselves and we struggle. Client won’t bother how much
    energy and time we put and knowledge that we have to take high quality
    photos. Why else bother if I setup a whole business full equipment but I
    earn far less than jobseekers. That has to be paid for really, okay I bring
    a friend to take half decent pictures for free.

    If say I want to earn money from selling photo-stock website go out then
    sell them online the business gets 50% then we get 50% who do you think is
    making money? The value of sell wasn’t paid either so I am wasting time

  7. PaigeFH says:

    Fantastic! My first Jeff Cable video, and I will be looking for more!

  8. JennyFTOL says:

    Sorry, but this is like too many so-called ‘ how to’ videos. I don’t want a
    guided tour of your portfolio. Just address the topic and cut the waffle.

  9. Ken Snyder says:

    Jeff you are so amazing….. I have learned so much from you.. Thank you
    for your dedication and love of photography.

  10. Matthew Battisti says:

    Jeff Cable, this was an amazing video and thank you for posting it. The
    only thing I personally don’t like is that last slide when it says Time Is
    Money. I personally don’t like that saying because it’s just not true. Let
    me ask you a couple of questions, this goes for anyone not just Jeff that
    uses that statement.

    Can you lose money? YES
    Can you make money? YES
    Can you lose time? YES
    Can you make time? NO

    Time isn’t money, time is everything! Time doesn’t stop for anyone but
    money can. Now, think about this when you tell people I appreciate your
    time. Furthermore, let your clients know that you appreciate their time as

    P.S. This is not a negative message by any means. This is just a different
    way to look at that statement.

    All the best to everyone

  11. brianminkc says:

    when he said “I figure stuff out in 15 seconds or less” …. I decided I
    had seen enough

  12. Photographic Learning Resource says:
  13. g29er says:

    LOL at the AARP sign in the background.

  14. Kit Moc says:

    Jeff’s passion is infectious! I would hire him just for that as I know he
    would put all his passion into his photo’s.

  15. Susan Szepietowski says:
  16. Zenfolio says:

    Get some insight from #Proteam member +Jeff Cable Photography who spoke at
    +bhphotovideo event on ’15 Tips for Starting Your Successful Photography
    Business’. Watch here: http://ow.ly/q1RRY

  17. B and H says:

    Have you been thinking about taking your photography hobby to the next

    In this B&H Event Space Video, +Jeff Cable offers *”15 Tips for Starting
    Your Successful Photography Business”* http://bhpho.to/1gCLtVT

  18. Vasily Kovalev says:
  19. Dreambro1 says:

    Chris Fletcher, You dont know Camera settings and how to get good shots,
    you will have no business.

  20. dodododa says:

    Damn this guy takes a long time to give 15 tips. Can someone just write the
    tips in dot form?

  21. Andrew Kavanagh says:

    ▶ 15 Tips for Starting Your Successful #Photography Business by Jeff cable
    at B&H Photo http://ow.ly/pNWcQ

  22. Wang Eric says:

    15 Tips for Starting Your Successful Photography Business

  23. Alex Chapman says:

    wow such harsh words, hes taking his time to talk to people sharing his art
    and experiences, and i personally find him an engaging speaker and
    competent professional, and someone else must too because hes popular.

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