Fake a Pro Photographer


We get one newbie photographer and have 1-week to train him up to fake it as a pro photographer, then he will face 1 real pro tog in a final challenge where …

25 Responses to Fake a Pro Photographer

  1. manansis86 says:

    I actually like a few of the beginner pics and didn’t like some of the pro

  2. bet dsp says:

    yeah it would be a bit funnier to see an “amateur vs pro” than a total noob
    against pro..

  3. Jeremy Remele says:

    Just based off that dudes body language and facial expressions, a child
    could’ve deduced he was a fake.

  4. DEATHTRUTH says:

    Do this again but with a beginner that knows at least the basics and has at
    least some understanding of composition, it will be much more interesting I

  5. WhackyRoady says:

    Poor teaching which reflected the result

  6. JamesDaHall says:

    I would love to see someone take a real crack at this.

  7. jordan main says:

    We need more “Fake a Pro Photographer” videos!

  8. Ime Prezime says:

    I think it depends on the buyer/admirer/critic. Different people like
    different styles of photography. Yes, knowing manual, RAW, composition,
    lighting, photoshop, symmetry, etc. is important. What is more important is
    the “personality” of the photo. 

  9. Nick Pearson says:

    “the highlights are blown. STOP it DOWN… BOKEH”

  10. Tompika23 says:

    I really liked the show! :D
    Funny as hell :D after seeing the photos of the fake pro, it was not a
    question any more who is the real pro :)
    Yau made great picture! 

  11. Herpules Derpinus says:

    I’d probably fail too with Kai as my mentor. Under Lok’s wing i’d have a
    decent chance after a week

  12. Philip Bonnaud-Thériault says:

    I would be curious if you took an amateur that have the basics knowledge
    but mainly lack experience. There maybe you could fool someone.

  13. Host47 says:

    You guys picked a dummy for this. Frustrating to see him not even trying.

  14. Kiltynachess says:

    This frustrates me.

  15. bet dsp says:

    it’s like watching boxing beginner vs muhammed ali. 

  16. Eric Smith says:

    I busted out laughing when he said …
    OMG what kind of pose is that, That’s hulk hogan Lol 

  17. Hubieee says:

    Oh dear, the highlights are blown!!! STOP IT DOWN, Boqué!!!

  18. Joshua Burton says:

    This guy knows his stuff, but man he’s a fucking prick. 

  19. Mark Ramdarass says:

    I so hope you guys do this again. With someone a tad bit more knowledgable.
    How about attempting to pass off an ameature as a pro? Not a noob.

  20. ACEA says:

    +DigitalRev TV I am a massive fan , i am into photgraphy and i am wonder
    what camera the professional camera man (Yau) used for the photo shoot 

  21. BasedDesigns says:

    World of Warcraft for life mf.

  22. Juliet Jacobs says:

    Please make this video again only with an excited novice/semi-practiced
    photographer and not a complete newbie who had little to no interest in the

  23. canturgan says:

    There is a Channel 4 programme (UK) made a while back called “Faking It”
    which did this exact challenge but it was a provincial NHS radiographer
    that had to fake being a cool London fashion photographer. Very
    entertaining and strangely exciting. Watch it here

  24. Paul Moore says:

    I thought the newby did a surprisingly good job all things considering. But
    was really surprised at how poor the, so called, pro’s work was. Not up to
    pro standards in my opinion going by these images. There are some really
    good professional photographers out there who are worth paying good money
    to; but, research is needed to find them. PS: I’ve been a photographer for
    over 40 years.

  25. Horsesforevergirl says:

    Does anyone know where you can truly get paid to take photos online?

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