How to get yourself noticed as a Professional Photographer


I was recently interviewed about my thoughts on running a professional photography business. If your camera and knowledge are tools for making you money, thi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Photography tips revealed by professional photographer Karl Taylor. This knowledge will probably change the way you…

50 Responses to How to get yourself noticed as a Professional Photographer

  1. Arrested Images Photography and Design says:

    as a pro shooter myself , with over 20 years of experience ,I can tell you
    that making a living as a photographer these days is twenty times harder
    than it was when I started in the early 90s…..just look at how many
    top shooters now have to teach to supplement their incomes….sorry guys
    but the work is extremely sparse these days……you can thank the rampant
    proliferation of web image banks and the ease of digital…….you can be a
    great talent but making it now days is about as competitive as making a
    living as a musician…..hate to be negative but that just the reality of
    the situation

  2. Kasey Cole Stokes says:

    I love how he says all this surrounded by thousands of dollars of
    equipment…..and yes its not all about gear but if you put up the work of
    some no name guy using a Canon Rebel compared to some pro using a $30,000
    camera, give me that camera and then I will compare my work to them

  3. Tad Moore says:

    How refreshing to hear the unvarnished, direct, succinct truth. Really like
    your style Karl

  4. Marius Mocan says:

    Those 43 dislikes are probably the bad photographers who aren’t making it. 

  5. Ptar Mwithiga says:

    Rewatched this video after 3 weeks again because It inspires me alot,I
    learn alot
    helps me to keep on focusing to be a profesional photograher.

  6. Eden Jay Collins says:

    Any one have any tips for people starting out who have little to no money
    or income?

  7. Asas+gasas says:

    So many photographers right now
    Right ? :)

  8. mackydread says:

    I’ve found these videos and thoughts very helpful and I AM a professional
    with twenty years experience! I’m completely self taught and had a
    reasonable good career and done some very interesting work, but as I said
    I’m self taught and made a lot of mistakes especially on the business side
    of things and paid the price for it. Also the recession hit me hard
    followed by an injury which left me out of the game for three years. This
    game can be a lonely business no matter how many models come through your
    door & you can lose sight of things you need to do no matter how simple
    they may seem to others. So even the statement “You may not be as good as
    you think you are'” can make you rethink your work. A lot of what Karl has
    said here I’ve already done but some things have hit home to me. Now my
    injury is on the mend its time I actually created images as good as I think
    I can produce, need to get a new site sorted as well so I’d better get on

  9. suzy martin says:

    I always watch your videos it makes me inspire more and more :)

  10. Polly Todd says:

    Such honesty the more I listen the more I like this chap and have learnt a
    lot….Got to find him on twitter and follow him!

  11. canturgan says:

    During the gold rush the people selling spades made the most money. 

  12. franky242 photography says:

    #Karl #Taylor speaks about how to promote yourself as a photographer and
    has many good advices:

  13. kaiwalya rangari says:

    Just saw the video.. great and you have explained it superbly.
    also visited your website. Nice Work..

  14. Ptar Mwithiga says:

    I just thank the world.for giving us Karl Taylor
    I appreciate you alot

  15. Jim Seymour says:

    I went to your website and your work is fantastic. Very impressive. I’m a
    novice photographer, picking up gear and knowledge where I can. Videos like
    these are a great help. Thank you very much.

  16. Meira Leibo says:

    Wow thank you so MUCH,
    These are such an important tips you’ve shared with us here,
    And of course they refer to any self bussiness out there ,
    I personally am a makeup artist and willing to get more deepen in
    photography art .
    I’d be honored to participate in one of your classes sometimes.

  17. johan bauwens says:

    Actually some photographers make more money by giving courses, ads on
    websites, selling stuff etc instead of taking or selling pics. I’ve noticed
    that in photography it’s not just important what you know, but above all
    WHO you know. That doesn’t mean Karl Taylor isn’t a great photographer.

  18. Roaming Britain says:

    He said it in one..You Have To Take Great Pictures…! Iv`e seen people
    take Great pictures with crap cameras and seen plenty of people take really
    bad photo`s with expensive ones. Be critical about your own pictures don`t
    try to like them when you know their poor, take it on the chin and chuck em
    in the bin, then start again.
    If your new to photography don`t use the cheap lenses they give away with
    cameras, buy the body them get a prime lens say 28 or 50 mm and work only
    with that, the standard of your images will determine how well you might
    do, Oh ! and how hard you work. My tutor said ` If you want to make loads
    of money do something else, or be prepared to…..Work Work Work.

  19. Cody Svoboda says:

    uhhh durrr take great photos, let people see them. durrrrr,end of story. 

  20. Greg Martin says:

    Excellent and 100% accurate observations.

  21. Janelle Rad says:

    Photographer account here!

  22. Pateau Maxime says:

    Great video, I learned a LOT !!! Thanks a lot !

  23. Naked Zombies on Skates says:

    I would love to be your apprentice …

  24. Otto Turunen says:

    How can I make it as a professional photographer?

  25. Todd Gilmore says:

    thanks… you should check out my photo’s as well.

  26. Mahesh R S says:

    great video! especially loved the use of “white board” as reflector. thanks
    for this great tutorial.

  27. Luis Caetano says:

    Very good 5 star from Isle of Wight

  28. graham roberts says:

    Not sure if its just me but there appears to be a problem with your website
    Karl.. I keep getting ‘This webpage is not available’ .. just wanted to let
    you know, if it hasn’t been reported yet.. Nice video by the way ;)

  29. Megan Tipple says:

    This was incrediablly helpful! Thank you!

  30. Alejandra Olmos says:

    i love this!!! thanks a lot for all those wonderful techniques! you are a
    good teacher! :D but… you could be more kind to present the model :v is
    his job too, is important you respect that :) 

  31. graham roberts says:

    It’s connecting fine now, thanks. Not sure what happened before. I’m in
    the uk and using chrome.

  32. Paul Coverdale says:

    Just brilliant, I understood everything you were teaching me,another great
    episode,thanks mate.

  33. Martin Benford says:

    Very good 5 star from Isle of Wight

  34. Fugo Studios says:

    Can anyone share a link for Photography Contract forms/ templates?

  35. elizabeth sagarminaga says:

    I love the picture of the sunset and water. I’m going to experiment
    …..I’m a beginner. 

  36. Fedor Mirande says:


  37. Isabela Rivera says:

    which lens is he using? sorry i speak spanish. but i understood the video
    pretty well! thank you so much 

  38. iqnyte says:

    And what about the ND values?

  39. Poet Mountain says:
  40. garygoesrawr1 says:

    You’re a great person.

  41. Martin Lee says:

    How much does the ISO need to be the shutter and the apeture need to be
    because when I set the ISO at 250 it is dark, and my shutter speed around
    1/80 and aperture a
    F5.6 why does the pic come out dark even through indoors u don’t need such
    a high ISO 

  42. Triple-M tour says:

    brilliant! thanks Karl for the tutoriall.

  43. NunoDanid says:

    What camera is he using?

  44. Rajdeep Anand says:

    I’ve learnt a lot from this one! Thanks Karl and don’t mind the nay
    sayers!! :)

  45. Jango LhasaApso says:

    I love all your vıdeos karl! brıllıant job you are doıng

  46. Samuel Pantoja says:

    ohhh Vicky is so pretty :)

  47. Bret Otis says:

    What kind of tripod is that?

  48. Martin Lee says:

    It is up to you wat settings to put 

  49. Isabela Rivera says:


  50. Duskangels says:

    Awesome video!!

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