How To Market Your Photography Business On Facebook The Right Way

1 – The first thing you want to ,avoid when marketing your photography business on Facebook is using your personal profile page. You …
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to How To Market Your Photography Business On Facebook The Right Way

  1. Hollwood Crunch says:


  2. Photographer Overnight says:

    One of the things to remember when starting a photography business is that
    your work will always be changing and improving. Six years from now, you’ll
    likely look back at your work and be both embarrassed at your old style of
    work and impressed at how far you’ve come. Making changes in your business
    is a good thing, and constantly trying to improve your skill is essential.
    We’ve built our entire youtube channel around helping new photographers
    succeed and improve their business.

  3. Chet Anderson says:

    Exactly, I find this particular video very useful. Thank you! Besides I
    would like to mention that I utilize youtube to drive traffic to my website
    since I am a video marketer. Do you want to learn how? You have to visit my
    youtube profile and find out more on how to become an expert youtuber and
    dominate your market. Good luck

  4. sharon bristow says:

    id like to figure out how to market to the “right clientele” seems i end up
    getting people who want FREE photos or ones for really cheap where id end
    up making NO money! thanks so much for the tips they were very useful!

  5. Tini tots Photography By Kristy Lee says:

    Nice one

  6. ram gadkari says:

    Thanks a ton, it was very use full …..

  7. Makinista Original says:

    Wrong Sony Sony no Nikon or Canon for me Sony. Weak up and smell the

  8. Bill Martell says:

    I’m impressed! Great Biz tool!! Thanks for the info!!!

  9. Paul Clarke says:

    Nice one, Scott. I have a FanPage, but now I know I should be pushing it
    more. Cheers Buddy.

  10. RoyalMasterpiece says:

    You are a very good teacher. I’m just starting out and this has been very
    helpful. Thanks. :)

  11. ASDOKATO says:

    nope mexico is not like that trust me 

  12. Jeffrey Dowell says:

    YES, props to Orange is the New Black

  13. Roberto Blake says:

    Because I’m an upstanding citizen and because of crazy people like the
    woman who assaulted that photographer I’m good with cameras being on every
    street corner in public places. This guy would have been arrested at this
    crazy woman’s word just because she is a woman and he is a man if he didn’t
    have it on camera. We are in an age where politeness and fairness are
    clearly dead, so in my mind we lost the right to expect “public privacy”.
    If we were still civil then it’d be different.

  14. trever pitts says:

    great podcast as always +Jared Polin Ride a Roller Coaster via the
    “Little Planet” Effect that video weird not a fan of that

    damn that lady was beating his ass and look its funny if he did not video
    her beating him up he would be in jail right now. will he did nothing

  15. lagentebonita says:

    thank you jared!! when people ask me where did you study photography I
    proudly answer YouTube and I mention you. 

  16. Ryan Portsmouth says:

    Just listening to the bit about the backup plan, it’s funny because
    videography and photography was my backup plan and guess what I am doing
    full time today… yep, I am a corporate videographer and photographer
    running my own business – what a mind f… yeah

  17. Christopher McRae says:

    “Balls Deep.” – Stephen

    Bloody Epic!

  18. Dulce Ximena BO says:

    Fro, I’m from single most dangerous city in Mexico and let me tell you’re
    actually right but it’s obviously not like that for the whole country ;)

  19. clickerdogtraining says:

    As for charging rates for different social classes, I would do it this way:
    have different packages for different budgets. I work for a wedding
    photographer (second shooter) who books around 100 or so weddings a year.
    He’s been in the business for almost 30 yrs and there are a few other
    photographers that work with him. Our packages range from $4,000-8000
    depending on how much coverage the clients want. 

  20. Hooks & Halligans Fire Photography says:

    Very great delivery of “the hard truth”. I wouldn’t worry about being a
    “Dick”, As you said (not exactly quoted), you do what you want to get to
    where you want. Great answers to the questions by the way.

  21. Manolo Gonzalez says:

    Last year I has doing a quick photoshoot with a friend. She went into the
    toilet to get ready and I was waiting for her outside with my camera in

    Some lady came to me and started asking me questions on what I was doing,
    and I noticed that there were a children’s park close by. She started
    insinuating that I was going to take photos of the kids, and when I tried
    to explain what I was doing to her she noticed my accent and started asking
    where I can from… I tried to defuse the situation politely but she kept
    going and I just left the area cause I reckon she was about to call the
    cops on me for no reason.

    seriously some people are just plain crazy

  22. The Photo Booth Chick says:

    Very nice voice! Great video… I enjoy your videos! Keep it coming!

  23. Innerlightuk says:

    Great video again with loads of info, have started a new youtube channel
    because I love the whole video thing and can use some of this information.

  24. Anastasia Poulos says:

    Hi Jared. I have one more business question for you. What I love to shoot
    is ballroom dancers, whether it be them performing, or more behind the
    scenes stuff, like practices or lessons. However, there is very little
    money in that. I am looking to move into weddings at least to earn the
    money to support doing the dance thing. I have yet to shoot a wedding, so
    how should I approach couples and tell them that I can shoot their wedding,
    even though I don’t have the wedding photos in my portfolio to back it up?

    Thank you in advanced!

  25. Austin Lehmkuhl says:

    I went to a concert when the DJI first came out and one flew over us, a
    beach ball hit it and it flew into the crowd and sliced a guys arm. 

  26. Mark Bridgewater says:

    Hi the Fro

    I used to clean lens’s on laser based spectrometers, all coated lens’s and
    we use IPA 98%, these instruments would measure down to the sub micron
    level, if I clean the lens with my breath you could see the scum it left
    behind, using IPA was so good compared with anything else we used… 

  27. clickerdogtraining says:

    And lol just as you were mentioning “wedding the first time” it made me
    think of a story my boss once told me of a client who has hired him for 3
    weddings. Said client has been divorced twice (married 3 times) and has
    hired us for every wedding!

  28. Chris Cheek says:

    Its good to see you answering people’s questions honestly and to the
    point…Well Done..

  29. n.stoeterau says:

    Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Lala, Po………. xD

  30. Redd Vlogs says:

    So forgive me! Maybe I missed something. What is the best way for one to
    ask a question for the shows? :)

  31. George Pop says:

    Everyone wants a shortcut but the truth is you have to go out there and
    start, then bust your ass making it work 7 days a week for a year or more,
    there are no shortcuts to anything. Jared is where he is today cause he
    worked hard for 4-5 years to get to where he is, everyone has to work hard
    for themselves, if it’s really your dream then you’ll do it. 

  32. BerendJanV says:


  33. Marty.R Woodcock says:

    Everything other than what comes naturally (breathing, heart pumping,
    etcetera) is learnable if one truly wishes to learn it. “you have it or you
    don’t” is 1000000% crap in the umth degree! Anyone selling that crap
    doesn’t know what they’re talking about. If you want to learn something bad
    enough, it CAN be learned! (And if something can be learned, it can also be

  34. MeanGrain says:

    +Jared Polin I really enjoyed hearing about the photo projects with the
    WWII veterans. You should check out Aviation Storytellers, our first
    episode is named The Tail Gunner and the Navigator. I think you would
    enjoy it. Not trying to spam your page, just thought you might like to see
    it. I’m a big fan of what you do, especially the sniff test. LOL

  35. Anthony Abbondondola says:

    You talked about branding that fits your personality or style… I’m am
    amateur photographer who does not wish to become professional but accept
    small jobs to cover my equipment expenses… my “tag” like is …
    Photographer Assisted Selfies and More. that way I can be as professional
    or as “fun” I want depending on the shoot requirements.

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